Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey all I (Annie) have just joined the Timmers from Bath, England.
I'm living in the hacienda on my own at the moment and await teams and another intern in February. I have been here about a week now and am enjoying the rays seeing as the whole of Britain has been in a snow blanket! I'm just getting used to the way of life here in Bolivia. Trying to improve my spanish and bearings so I can take taxis on my own around the city and become a little bit more independent! I have been introduced to as many markets and coffee shops as possible and tommorow I'm going to a football match between the two Cochabamba teams which is really exciting! I love football and have been to a few matches in England but I hear Bolivian matches are a little dangerous and lets say..interactive!
I have been introduced to the orphans at the orphanage just down from the hacienda and they've also come up to sift through the many generous contributions in the store room up there and taken away some clothes and toiletries...they had so much fun doing that and trying on clothes!
On Friday the Moseys (another mission family here for 9 months and leaving in March) and I took all the kids to the park which was a laugh, they all had a go on the bumper cars and had a lot of fun! We are planning to take them all once a week in two taxis to the park or something before they go back to school.
I was really surprised when I went to the supermarket how many English imports there were!! So I'm doing just fine with my Heinz tomato soup and Hellmanns mayonnaise! I was worried what I would eat here but I'm doing just fine so far!
My spanish is also something that needs much improvement and I'm planning to take a lesson a week to get back up to scratch...I used to know alot more but in the past few years have forgotten. So prayers for my Spanish to be picked up easily and that I can sleep better at night...also an annoying extra!!
Thanks for reading!

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