Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapare Orphanage and New Intern!

A lot has been happening lately in Cochabamba and there have not been nearly enough blog posts to document it! Here is a quick post to highlight a couple of the things that have been happening.

Above is a picture of the new houseparents at "Orhanage 21" in the Chapare region, Samuel and Elsa.
Our new guests:
Liz Fanny 9 yrs old
Mary Cruz 4 yrs old
Their mother abandoned Liz at birth and left the baby with Grandma. She returned 5 years later to drop off Mary Cruz and has had no other contact. Grandma and Grandpa are in poor health but were caring for them until the river crested this year and destroyed their house and everything they owned. Please join us in praying for these girls as they adjust to new surroundings and faces.

Last but not least, we are excited to welcome a new intern to our team! Annabel (Annie) is joining us from Baath, England. She'll be helping with the ministry for the next 5 months and just arrived in Cochabamba this week. Above is a picture of Annie learning the secret hiding spot of Evelyns baby doll. Welcome, Annie!


  1. Hi Annie!!
    My name is Carissa. My husband and I did a one week mission/vision trip to Coch with the Timmers back in November 2009. We stayed at the Hacienda too! I am so excited that you get to be there and know that you will love it in Coch!

    Have you been introduced to the Villanueva siblings (Patto, Kattia, Karla, Karin)? They live in Coch and are really sweet people who are passionate about God too. They were very helpful in teaching us some Spanish while we were there too.

    Anways, I just wanted to tell you I am excited for you and am glad that there is another intern there to work with the children and this awesome ministry!!

    --Carissa (and Jared) Simmons :)

  2. Woops...I meant to post this comment under Annie's January 19 blog post above. Sorry!