Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Person of the Week!

Martha Telleria ....

is a very important person in the Villa Israel home. She is Lizeth´s mother and she is also a huge help to the home. Martha lives next door to this orphanage and each day comes to cook and clean as a way to help out Lizeth and Charlie. Martha is also a help in teaching the children how to live the the way of the Lord.

How she got started being apart of this home:

Martha was building her home at the same time the Villa Israel was being built right next door. She met Mike and the International Teams staff this way. It was through Martha that Lizeth and Charlie heard about the opportunity to serve as house parents. Martha was also excited in the idea that she too might have the opportunity to work with orphans.

Martha has always had a heart for children. Her and her husband have 4 of their own. Lizeth is the oldest with two other sisters, and the youngest is a 3yr. old boy. Five years ago Martha also had the pleasure of looking after a young baby girl from Brazil and caring for her as she was her own. The mother was here in Cochabamba and gave her to Martha because she said she could not care for her. She looked after this little one from the time she was 5 mos to 3 years old. The child then developed a health problem and she had to give her up to those who could care for her more properly. This really grew her desire to work with needy children.

One of the pleasures she says of working with these children is to see them grow up. She also wants to see them grow in the fear of the Lord. This is a pleasure and it is also a challenge she says and a huge responsibilty she feels blessed to have.

Please pray for Martha as she works to make a difference for these children! Thank you!

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