Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update in November

Michelle here. No I haven´t written anything yet since being here. Guess I don´t know what I should write! But I shall....

Jaclyn and I are stomach sick right now. We had a marvelous dinner Sunday night at our Spanish teacher´s home, ever since then we can´t eat! I know you wanted to know about that!

Tuesday, Justin went off to Chapare to help out with the work out there. Tuesday was also his Birthday, and we celebrated Saturday night by going out to eat and having ice-cream! Justin should be out there until next Thursday or Friday.

We are really enjoying our time at the Muyurina Orpahnage that is near us. Everytime we go we are encouraged and love playing and tutoring the kids there.

We are still painting/putting protective stuff on the walls at Villa Israel. We have also had some challenges lately with the children there. We were left to watch them the other day, and were a bit disappointed with the children´s additudes towards us. Though this is all apart of the kids adjustment to the homes they are in- including learning discipline and respect for others. This is a prayer request! Also, please pray for wisdom in how to prepare these kids for school in February, which for many of them it will be their first time in school.

Finally , we enjoyed a great dinner at the Timmer´s for Thanksgiving. They were kind enough to have us over when we don´t have our own families with us.

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