Friday, July 18, 2008

New intern: Katie Stewart


My name is Katie Stewart, and I have joined the rest of the interns here until the beginning of December. It´s silly, really, that I haven´t introduced myself yet because I´ve been here nearly a month. This is my second time in Cochabamba, as my heart grew roots here when I spent the summer in Coch 2 years ago. I developed deep and lasting relationships with the kiddos at the Muyurina orphanage, as well as rich friendships with some of the Bolivians here that we worked/work with. It has been a powerful experience to be back here and to pick up right where I left off.

As for a little more about me... I´m a born and raised Colorado girl, coming from a small mountain town called Carbondale (near Aspen, CO). I graduated a year ago from Whitworth College (in Spokane, WA) with a degree in education, and spent most of my year out of college, working as a teacher. I LOVE backpacking and being in the outdoors with a passion (good thing I was born in Colorado!), and my family and I spend a good deal of our summers (and winters and falls and springs...) in the outdoors when I´m home. Music is also a passion of mine, and I hope to share it here through my pennywhistle I brought:)

When I return from Bolivia in December, I´m unsure where my path will lead me, but my hope and heart´s tugging is that I return to Coch. I have found so much purpose working with Latin Americans, and particularly Bolivians. I´ve found a growing passion for Quechua, and I´ve also been able to use my gifts as a teacher in so many ways with the niños here.

Bueno, I think that´s all for now. I´m including a picture of me and sweet Ana (from Villa Israel) at the end of this.

Tinkuna cama,

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