Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Miguel

Well, we started this week by trying to get out to Villa Israel. Now, it wouldn´t seem to be that big of a challenge, but the awesomeness of Bolivia is that when people are mad about something, they start blocking roads. So we couldn´t get out there until Monday night. Which ended up working out incredibly well. We went to go celebrate the birthday of Miguel. Now it may not seem like much, but we brought a cake and that nice set of clothes you see him wearing in the picture. He was so shy about it all, and it was such a sweet sight to see. Oh, a cool observation about Bolivia. I have noticed that birthdays will often have a religious bit almost every time. This time Lizzette prayed thanking God for Miguel, who turned seven, and then Miguel got a chance to pray. After the festivities had died down, we started to talk to the parents about school schedules and when we could come visit. Come to find out, half the kids have school in the morning, and the other half will have school in the afternoon. So we took a group picture with all the kids thinking that we might not have that chance again, and headed out.

We came back the next afternoon, and that house was a completely different place. I don´t even know why. It could be that half the kids were at school, or it could be that the kids we were working with had calmed down in school. But either way, it was amazing! We each got to work with a kid in a one-on-one situation. I´m looking forward to these times we get to go play at Villa Israel.

In other news, the Center has been pretty low on number the past couple of times we have been there. Again, we could complain about this, but I have loved it! We have gotten a handful of kids to love on, and we are now able to focus on these guys. Building strong relationships was not exactly as possible with tons of kids running around demanding attention. Now we just kind of chill, and we get to just relax and spend quality time with the kids God brings us.

Prayer Requests: We are still hashing out the scheduling of our week now that school has started. I pray that we will be wise with the time God has given us and that we will be sensitive to the opportunities God gives us. Also, we are entering our team season... which means that the number of people living in our house will increase dramatically. Please pray that I will have patience.

Oh yeah, last night I got my first hair cut in Bolivia....

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